Being plagiarized

I have the tendency to search for my post title in Google. It came into my attention this particular website, Hamper plagiarized my pictures without my knowledge and permission. wtf

The post of Mid Valley Christmas decoration is a top hit in Google search.

There is a total of 11 pictures in my orginal post. And 4 pictures of mine were made available in their website with the watermark being cropped out.

I suspect they copied my pictures when it was published with no watermark & non edited (but I have watermark all of it a day later).





After looking at the pictures above, there is a strong cause of plagiarism by the website. I made effort to contact them for clarification but to no avail.

The website boasts that they are Malaysia# 1 Leading Hampers, Flowers, Gifts Online Store!

All my work, effort and time are wasted and not credited by the website. I know I am not a fehmes blogger tapi kasi sikit muka lah. *angry*

Stop plagiarism!! Leave a credit for me. LOL