Mid Valley's Christmas decoration

The 2012 Christmas season is back and all the malls have put up trees, ornaments, lights and whichever suitable as decoration.

For this year Mid Valley Megamall decided to use old village as their theme.

It comprises of Barn at North Court, Log Cabin at Centre Court and Art Crafty & Christmas workshop at South Court.

#1 Overview of Mid Valley Centre Court

#2 Log cabin at Centre Court

A log cabin is a house built from logs.

#3 A plush bear sitting in the cabin.






As you can see, there are quite a number of bird house around.



#11 North Court: Barn

A closer look at the left of this barn, you can see there is a moving wheel to draw water.

In overall, the whole theme is interesting and display how Christmas is being celebrated in traditional days. The lighting used for the trees is not lively, a bit dull to look on.