Charity movie screening @ Resorts World Genting

Have you guys been in a charity event with children before? I assume yes.

Last Friday, I was given the chance by Resorts World Genting and Nuffnang to attend charity movie screening at the 1,860 m peak hill resort.

A total 15 Highlanders (I'm one of it) and 40 other social media fans were invited to usher 70 underprivileged kids from participating homes (Agape Home, Rumak KIRTARSH and Rumah K.I.D.S.) to participate in various activities.

Breakfast from Starbucks

Once we reached First World Hotel lobby, we had our breakfast. It is all sponsored by Starbucks. Chocolate drinks with Blueberry Cream Cheese and Apple Multigrain mini muffins. This combination will never go wrong.

Up next, we head to First World Cineplex for the main event of the day, Charity Movie Screening (Men In Black 3)

All the excitement from children were shown when given 3D glasses, bottle of water and snack bar. Just like them, I am also anticipating a good 3D movie. The verdict, I shall leave it in another post.

Children queueing up to enter & Now Showing: MIB3 (3D)

Inside the hall

Group photo after the screening

The screening ended around half past noon, and my tummy is growling. We should not be starved, right? No worries, as organiser has prepared a sumptuous buffet at First World Cafe. My expectation is lower than Coffee Terrace.

What I have on my plate. Quite extensive selection of foods.

Some of the breads on display

This is the gift that I prepared for children. Nice wrapper, huh? The girl who received from me, later thanked me for the gift. At that moment, I was stunned as she appreciated the gift very much. #successgift

Our turn to receive token of appreciation from RWG representative

Group photo after gift session. Credit to @ResortsWorldGen

After the lunch and gift session ended, we are given complimentary theme park passes. With this, all the rides in theme park are to be conquered.

Corkscrew, Pirate Ship, Pirate Train and lists go on. Well, I am still in good condition after those rides. #paleface

Since it was still early before rolling down the hill back KL, we hangout at Starbucks First World Plaza.

That is one of the most crowded outlets with kids, adults and even senior citizens.

A goodie bag for everyone. Woo-hoo! Most of us doesn't expect the token of appreciation from Resorts World Genting.

What we have in mind, is just spend a day with children and present a gift to them.

Kids enjoyed very much that day, as they smiled non-stop, of course NOT insane-lah! Although they come from different social backgrounds, they just are indifferent.

Hilarious and lame movie, satisfying breakfast and lunch and theme park entertainment in a single day. A great Friday indeed!

Once again thanks Resorts World Genting and Nuffnang for inviting me to the wonderful event. Hope more similar events to come!!