Monday, December 26, 2011

Coffee Terrace, Resorts World Genting

For Christmas eve, I and my family decided to celebrate at Resorts World Genting (formely known as Genting Highlands).

We booked the Genting Golden Package which costs RM47 for Return Express Bus Transfer, Skyway and choice of Outdoor Theme Park or Buffet Lunch at Coffee Terrace.

Coffee Terrace offers buffet dining from breakfast to dinner and ala-carte menu. It has six major cuisine/kitchens to choose from; Local Favorites, Nyonya, Chinese, Western, Japanese, and Western Asian.


#2 Pay before you eat!

The price of buffet lunch before tax is RM55.00 (Adult); RM27.50 (Child).

#3 The entrance

#4 The various sections/cuisines

#5 The dining area

We were seated at Lanai Bar where most diners were seated. Coffee Terrace can accommodate up to 600 diners at any one time. Other sections are Private Room, Nyonya Baba Corner and Alfresco Terrace.

#6 Assam Laksa and Satay

Start of with Local Favourites, it offers Chicken Rice, Char Koay Teow and many more. For the Assam Laksa, the gravy is not flavorful enough; lack of spiciness and sourness. The taste of Satay is just average.

#7 Stir Fried Vegetables and Prawn Soup

Next section, Chinese cuisine. They serve 'La Mian', Dim Sum and other dishes where can be found in China and locally. The highlight is Stir Fried Vegetables which is freshly cooked by chef and the Prawn Soup that gives Chinese wine flavor and I guess it is boiled using prawns as the soup is sweet.

#8 Salads and Pastas

In Western section, you can enjoy Pastas, beef sirloin, Salads, buns and etc. The beef sirloin is tender enough and juicy. Olio Spaghetti is a letdown as my fellow blogger, Kelly says NO for it.

#9 Sushi, Wasabi and Japanese pickles

My priority is definitely on this section. It serves Sushi but no Sashimi for that day, thus I was *cursing. Most of the Sushi are average, while the soy sauce; tastes not 'saucy' enough. I never try tried Japanese pickles before, so I just 'stuffed' in.

I tasted Beef Teppanyaki, only cow can chew it, lol. It's overcooked and elastic like rubber.

#10 Cakes and pastry

As you can see, the various type of cakes; Cheese cake, Blueberry, Almond and pastry.

#11 Tiramisu

This Tiramisu is heavenly good where I have to get few rounds of it.

#12 Desserts

Seriously, it looks very nice and appetizing but the taste is another story. Mainly they use cream and syrup to make those beautiful dessert. The Strawberry with Crumbs (top right) is worth to try, it tastes sour and the crumb texture is good.

#13 Chocolate mint and Durian flavor ice-cream

You can get ice-cream at Western food section. Surprisingly good taste.

#14 Fruits

The service of waitress is considered good, where they will clean up those plates and refill glass of water as you eat. But I am dissatisfied with food restock/replenish, especially those Sushi and cakes. They only make effort to restock when the bar is almost empty.

WiFi service is available. Overall the setting of the buffet cafe is neat and comfortable. The choices of food, I will not say wide variety, it's just average.

I did not overeat as it will affect my digestion tract *fml. Food wastage, I can only minimise, not fully eliminate.

Food: 6.5/10
Price: 6/10
Ambience: 7/10
Verdict: A good buffet spread, worth to try.

Coffee Terrace
Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting (Genting Hotel)
Operating Hours: 24 hours (details)
Contact no: 03- 6101 1118