Malaysia Starbucks Card

Starbucks Malaysia launched the widely anticipated Starbucks Card today to public, and its loyal customers.

The Malaysia Starbucks Card is a stored value card that offers greater convenience when you make your purchase at any Starbucks store in Malaysia.

With the ease of one quick swipe, you can use it to purchase anything from your favorite beverage to whole bean coffee or the latest range of tumblers!

What are the benefits of using a Starbucks Card?

> Buy any 10 beverages of any size (EXCEPT any bottled beverages) and get 1 complimentary Grande size handcrafted beverage of choice.
> Purchase 1 tumbler of any size and receive 1 complimentary Grande size handcrafted beverage of choice.
> Buy any 8 packets of whole bean coffee and get 1 complimentary packet of choice *also applicable for VIA® Ready Brew 12-Pack
> Buy 1 whole cake and get 1 complimentary Grande size beverage of choice
> Every 15th purchase of any size of the handcrafted beverage, you'll get the 2012 planner
> During your birthday month, purchase any beverage and you'll get a slice of cake for free

How to get ?
You just need to go to any Starbucks store, pay RM20, and you will have the card, with preloaded RM20 in the card. No need to have any min purchase.

Whenever your prepaid inside is low, you can reload it as low as RM10, in the domination of 10.

For more information and to register your Starbucks Card, click here.

Card designs

#2 Main design of Starbucks Card.

#3 Forest Snowman Starbucks Card

#4 Twilight 2011 

#5 Thank You Starbucks Card

I have not get mine, as I would only be visiting Starbucks store next Saturday.