Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bistro Year 1673, Jonker Walk

After day out at Jonker Walk, we filled up our tummy by dining @Bistro Year 1673.

This bistro serves American (New), Asian Fusion, Chinese, Diners, Seafood,  and is also a steakhouse.

This oldest unique 338 years old heritage building is located in Jonker Street (populary known as Jonker Walk) and probably the oldest brick building in Malacca was built in the year 1673 during the era of Dutch colonialisation.

Currently the grand old building is transformed into a Bistro, where deserving diners are able to have a memorable meal with a different dining experience.

Let us visit the surrounding of this bistro and part of interior look.
Street view of Bistro

Open area

During night time, live band performance is available.

Sour Soup
This soup is clear and comes with strong flavorful taste. Duck meat is used to cook the soup instead of chicken or pork bones. Sour vegetables (ham choi) is used as main ingredient and it comes with prawns, tofu, mushroom and spring onions.

Udang Masak lemak Nenas
For this udang masak lemak nenas dish, was one of my favourite. The prawns used were succulent and fresh. On top of XL sized prawns, the prawn head was fill with roe. Since it was masak lemak, it has the 'lemak' taste where santan is used. And the pineapple gives combination sweet and sour taste.

Ayam (chicken) pongteh
Next dish is ayam pongteh, one of must have in Nyonya cuisine. The meat was cooked until tender but still in intact piece. The gravy is a bit oily with thick aromatic tauchu bean sauce and of course the gula Melaka that form the gravy.

I personally would not recommend the Cendol here. As you can see from above, the shave ice is too hard where you have to forcefully crack the topping. The gula Melaka syrup used is not thick enough and not fragrant.

The two other dishes are Mixed Vegetables and Telur Cencaluk.

For overall, this bistro should get 4 out 5 rating from me. The total bill for 5 dishes for 5 person come at around RM68.

So the next you head down to Malacca, pay a visit to this bistro!

Food: 6/10
Price: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Verdict: Portion wise is good and the food of course.

Bistro Year 1673
18 Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street),
75200 Mallaca, Malaysia

Opening hours
Mon - Sun: 10:00-00:00
Phone: (6) 06 2881 673
Facebook: Bistro Year 1673