Saturday, March 3, 2012

Almond ladies fingers @ Starbucks

Just in past week, Starbucks launched new products which includes Red Velvet cake, Whoopie pies and Almond Ladies Fingers.

And I decided to have a try of Almond Ladies Fingers (ALF).

What caught my attention first? The name!!

It is said to be crunchy at outside and soft inside with cheese mocha filling.

Almond Ladies Fingers

On the top layer, there is dash of granulated sugar that give extra crunch to the top. The texture is soft, which makes no effort to bite. wtf

Served with Mocha Frappucino

Deep inside between two layers of sponge is cheese mocha filling. It is not too sweet but the flavour is lacking and not really up to my expectation.

It is not too soggy nor too dry, which I like. Balance is the word.

Display counter

Overall it is still worth to have a try. One piece/slice will never be enough!

Price: RM6
Rating: 8 out 10 (good)

View of Starbucks Sg. Wang outlet

Facing Jalan Sultan Ismail