CNY cookies

As usual, mom would bake few types of cookies for CNY. Below are some of photos:

#1 Chocolate chips

Tastes like Famous Amos cookies. Crunchy texture with sweet chocolate chip. #Chocolicious

#2 Pineapple tarts

'Ong Lai' tart or pineapple tart is a must have during this festive season. Flaky and buttery biscuit base with pineapple jam topping. Don't you love it?

#3 Seaweed biscuit

It is sort of rare biscuit. The biscuit is mixed with seaweed pieces and topped with the triangular seaweed. It is sweet from first bite and gives hint of saltiness from butter and seaweed. Perfect combination!

#4 Almond flakes biscuit

Mom modified the recipe by adding green pumpkin seeds, from usual almond flakes. It's crispy in nature as the biscuit is thin.

To end this post, I wish 'Gong Xi Fa Chai' to everyone!