Sunday, April 17, 2011

Won Coca-Cola can glass

Currently McD is running Limited Edition Coca-Cola Can Glass contests.

Be the first 125 to win a set of Limited Edition Coca-Cola can glasses from 15th to 27th April 2011. Happening right here at 1:25pm daily. Only at McDonald's!

And yes I won it today coming position 22nd. Cool, I can redeem the whole set for FOC

My position

I can said it's lucky no.2 because today was my second try after yesterday failure and I come in 22nd out of 125.

This contest is easy and an interesting collection although I didn't have the Olympic Coca-Cola collection. All you need is enter the apps at 1.25 pm (heavy traffic), register then tag 50 friends and see whether you are in top 125.

You can just join by entering McDonald's Malaysia fanpage.