Chocolate Pudding Fruit for Valentine's

Craving for a different Valentine's Day gift?

Chocolate is a gift for your partner but how to be different from others.

That is the Chocolate Pudding Fruit.

The Black Sapote is a Tomato-like fruit, 10 x 13 cm. large berry with a thin and firm rind. Its color is shining dark green with brown specs.

The chocolate pudding fruit flesh is rich and custard-like, with a sweet, nut-like mild flavor and when ripe fruit pulp is blended with milk, cream or ice-cream, it tastes like mild chocolate - but without the caffeine or calories!

Besides that, it is the chocolate mousse-like.

> Often icecream is made of Black Sapotes.
> The raw fruit is eaten with a spoon or eaten as dessert in milk or citrus juice.

It's too late to get it now (this year) but you can always order beforehand (from US or Australia) and I attached few recipes that will certainly melt the heart of your partner if you did it.

Some may said it's troublesome, but you can surprise your loved ones by visiting one of the farm located at Queensland, Australia


Glo-w~* said…
OMG i've heard about this fruit on an aussie channel. where can you get it?
Metzelder Siow said…
@Glo-w - You can have it by visiting one of the farm located at Queensland, Australia or order from US or Australia.
Nava.K said…
really didn't know such fruit existed.
Hilda Milda™ said…
Oh wow, I never know there is such fruit! and they doesnt look attractive to me.
Metzelder Siow said…
@Hilda At least it's still new over here. Cheers :)
Laila said…
thats very interesting :)