Andy Lau at Kuala Lumpur

HONG KONG superstar Andy Lau was finally seen paying his last respects to his girlfriend Carol Chu’s father.

Chinese dailies said Lau was seen at a memorial ceremony in front of the elder Chu’s grave at the Hokkien Cemetery in Kuala Lumpur on Monday.

This time, he was without any “shield” or sunglasses. However, there were three security men at the entrance of the cemetery.

It was reported in major Chinese dailies that Lau was wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans although Guang Ming Daily had managed to take exclusive pictures of Lau at the cemetary.

The photographs were however taken from afar and were grainy and all of them only showed the side of his face and body.

The dailies quoted a worker at the cemetery as saying that Lau had arrived at about 9am with Chu, her five siblings and two brothers-in-law. They left 30 minutes later after a simple ceremony.

During the funeral, a man believed to be Lau was hidden from view by an umbrella-carrying brigade.

Spotted: Superstar Andy Lau and Malaysian girlfriend Carol Chu arriving at the KL International Airport (inset) to catch a flight to Hong Kong Tuesday, after attending the funeral of Chu’s father. On Monday, Lau was seen at the Hokkien cemetery in Kuala Lumpur for the seventh-day memorial service