My budget wishlist

This Friday, country's budget will be tabled in Parliament. As usual all TV stations will broadcast the whole speech. You may ended fall asleep watching it. hahah

So I have few items on my wishlist.

1. Affordable housing
Browse through some property pamphlets, are you surprise with the price? Averaging RM450k for apartments is too much for average middle income earner.

3500 sft Pavilion Residences for RM6,300,000

Can PM reduce all taxes on construction materials or provide more rebates to property developers? It also goes down whether their profit margin is dwindled.

2. City art
Seriously KL is lacking of the art element to be a world class city (minus the crime). Street art or laneway art is so new to us.

Sussex Lane by Magda Sayeg

Is this beautiful, artistically painted? We don't need fancy glass structure or mega steel buildings, art is the solution to many old, abandoned streets. I guess you don't need to allocate few millions for this project. Just gather renowned, talented artistes to don it.

Deconstructing Ways Mullins Street and Market Row Isidro Blasco
Someone reminds me, art is not important for materialistic and kiasu society. wtf

3. Reduce personal and corporate tax
Higher tax will lead to brain drain. So just reduce it to be on par with neighbours, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Lower tax means you can have more money to spend. It's good for the economy, right?

For real? You are calling for 'political sacrifice'.

Giving out short term goodies such as BR1M is not sustainable in long term and does not have lasting effect to the economy. More goodies more votes theory is bad for economy. *face palm

Enough said. It is impossible to satisfy every needs and wants, but please be prudent and accountable for every penny spent.