Excite your senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

LG’s Cinema 3D TV is definitely coming up as a TV that you should not missed. Lightweight glasses, cool 3D effects and ultimate immersive viewing experience.

42' Cinema Screen LTV

Why do you want to excite your senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV?

Number one, I just prefer to immerse in watching 3D movies right on my own comfortable sofa at home. I can eat my preferred chips with drinks. Not longer the same old popcorn experience.

With the LG's Cinema 3D TV, all 3D movies can be watched at any time, day or night.

No more that black 3D glasses. Isn't that amazing especially for those who wear spectacles. Crystal clear view with no more obstruction.

All the 3D bits are built into the TV rather than the glasses.

The audio system of the LG's Cinema 3D TV can be ear-opening experience. Quality theatre sound system can liven up the whole watching experience.

With all these features, you should not hesitate to give a try.

Link: http://www.lg.com/my/tv-audio-video/televisions/televisions.jsp