Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flood in Seremban

Heavy downpour this evening caused Seremban town to be flooded. I am still looking for information about the flood. My curiosity grows the moment I saw the photo as no news broke out about the flood.

Been in my hometown for years, this is the 'first' time Seremban flooded.

From the photos shared at Facebook, I can say heavy rain caused Sg Temiang, a river runs across the town center to overflow.

#1 Fast flowing water (bottom) with vehicles stranded

#2 People look confusing. Where is the train?

#3 This is called 'river' track

#4 KTM Seremban station 

#5 One of the main streets in Seremban

Another video from Facebook

I am sure damages from this flood cost more than we can expect. I will be going back to Seremban tomorrow, so make sure no second time *fingers crossed.

Lets hope than local authorities can solve this problem from occurring. And people please stop throwing rubbish into the river!

Probably this is the effect of Water Dragon

Disclaimer: All the photos and videos are sourced from Facebook and Twitter. Any misuse of the photos are not intended.