Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The widely anticipated Pete Teo Public Service Announcement music video promoting the Rakyat's right to vote.

Undilah is an independent, bi-partisan and zero-budget production that features famous Malaysian personalities lending their endorsement to one of the most urgent and important causes in the country today.

The right to vote is the fundamental basis of your citizenship. It is also how we as citizens can determine the social, political and economic directions of Malaysia. So it is an important duty that has ramifications beyond our lifetimes and one that you must take seriously on behalf of not just yourself but your children and theirs

Who came up with the idea?
Project producer Pete Teo came up with the idea. He enlisted Afdlin Shauki in Melbourne when both were there for a film festival in October 2010.

You may have questions about voting. Check out the answers here.
>Who shall I vote for?

>What do I need to do to vote?

>How do I register myself as a voter?

>When should I register?

Featuring (cameo appearances of over 40 personalities representing the different communities).

Baki Zainal, Chelsia Ng, Daphne Iking, Jehan Miskin, Karamjit Singh, Lai Meng, Lee Chong Wei, Nurul Izzah Anwar, Rosnah Abd Rashid Shirlin, Rina Omar, Reshmonu, Sharifah Amani, Sazzy Falak, Reza Salleh, Tengku Azmil Zahruddin, Tony Fernandes, Wardina Safiyyah, Wee Ka Siong, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Namewee, Afdlin Shauki, Pete Teo, Benji Lim, A. Kohilan Pillay, Jason Lo, Mohan, Khalid Samad,Sassi Tharan Rajoo, Nik Nazmi, Tony Pua, David Lai and more.

Lastly, get your act now, register now and vote when it is needed. Remember YOUR VOTE MATTERS MOST.

As for me, I would get to register by next year after reaching the legal age, 21.