Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photofit of acid splasher

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If you read news recently, the hot news most of us are discussing is the corrosive liquid splashing attacks that happen in Klang Valley and Seremban.

Details of the attack is here:

And the main point is the culprit is still free on road as police having difficulties to nab the mad-man. However, police just released the photofit of the corrosive liquid splasher.

The photofit of the corrosive liquid splasher

The photofit was produced based on information from a witness of a possible attempt by the splasher in Jalan Desa Pandan yesterday and other victims.

The suspect wore a full-faced black helmet and was clad in a blue jacket and wore gloves.

He is believed to be in his 30s and was on the motorcycle that had a false registration number.

Those acid splashers have been known to work alone and in pairs, have so far maintained the same method of operation by riding a motorcycle and surprising the victims from behind and splashing corrosive liquid into their faces and so far 22 cases have been reported.

Those with information on the splasher can call the police at the Rakan Cop hotline (03-2115 9999) or SMS POLISKL at 32728.

Public should help to keep lookout on the suspects with smallest details: type of helmet, motorcycle or even the type of clothing they are wearing. And especially women, are to look out for motorcyclists behaving suspiciously.

How the assaults were carried out

Police have identified the way the serial acid splashers go on their sadistic spree.

Description Of Splashers
● Dark-skinned or tanned complexion, usually clad in dark clothing, full-face helmets and on motorcycle.

Time Of Attack
● Monday to Friday — the attacks take place during the day.

● Saturday and Sunday — the attackers prey on their victims in the late afternoon, evening and at night.

Areas Of Attack
● Places with heavy traffic and constant movement of people.

● This makes it easier for the splashers to target their victims.

Mode Of Transport
● Motorcycles — the attackers are said to have used a Honda EX-5 or a Yamaha of a similar size

Knowledge Of Roads
● The culprits have good knowledge of the areas where they pounce on their victims. The locations have different roads leading in and out of the areas.

● The splashers have targetted mostly women and children.

● Twenty-two people have fallen victim to their attacks to date.

Where the 'splasher' struck

The above details was resourced from Malay Mail and The Star.