Thursday, December 23, 2010

Albert Centre Market Food Centre

For lunch or whenever you feel need to fill your tummy, do visit Albert Centre Market Food Centre 270 Queen Street, 180270.

Albert Centre Market Food Centre

First one is Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup. The sweetness and depth of the soup stock is derived from hours of simmering fish bones over a low fire, and not from milk which other stalls use to artificially enhance the flavour of the soup.There's a reason why this stall is so popular, there always seems to be queue. The Sliced Fish Soup ($4 for a medium) is served with silken tofu, tomato, sliced fish, lettuce and garnished with crispy fried onions and seaweed. The fish is unbelievably fresh and smooth. Another attraction is that it serves the unusual combination of salted bean sauce with sliced chili padi, giving the kick but does not overwhelm the delicate freshness of the fish.

But the minus point, I stressed that their customer service is bad, with the aunty serving the food is impolite and brag as she know her stall is famous.

Price: Varies

Angel Horse Teowchew Fish Soup
270 Queen Street, 180270
#01-95 Albert Centre Market Food Centre

Second to be  introduced in Albert Food Centre is Teochew Braised Duck - Kway Chap.

At first, Kway Chap is totally unknown to me but mum told me is a Teochew cuisine with duck meat and typical dark soy sauce and others. According to Wikipedia, it is Teochew dish of flat, broad rice sheets in a soup made with dark soy sauce, served with pig offal, braised duck meat, various kinds of beancurd, preserved salted vegetables, and braised hard-boiled eggs.

The queue is unbeatable long as Angel Horse Fish Soup which is just few stalls apart. It serves variety of braised duck meat:- rice, noodles, yam rice, porridge and whole plate.

I give a try on rice and Kway Teow, with a serving of pig offal (internal organs), beancurd and braised egg. Kway Teow come with soup yjat is not too concentrated and the authentic five spices flavour is quite strong which give the soup extra. The Kway Teow used is not the same as Char Kway Teow which is thinner. The flat rice sheets is smooth, and texture is good. I guessed it is hand made by the owner for his stall only.

For the rice, you can see the grain in its shape while the aroma fulfill you appetite to finish the bowl of rice.

You will not satiated to eat again as chili's is provided.

Price: S$2.50 - 12

Teochew Braised Duck - Kway Chap
270 Queen Street, 180270
#01-98 Albert Centre Market Food Centre

Overall Albert Food Centre serves variety of famous local food where it is after renovated and moved back since Dec 2009. But be prepared to clean up the leftovers on tables as the cleaner over there only cleans their identified utensils.

If you don't act on your own, you might have to wait for ages to get the mess off.