Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Alleged Mat Rempit is shot

A policeman has been detained for allegedly shooting a teenage biker during a chase along Jalan Jelebu here, early Saturday.

In the 3.30am incident, policemen in a patrol car were allegedly taunted by the motorcyclist, who kept weaving in front of their vehicle.
He refused to stop despite being repeatedly told to do so, and it is believed a policeman opened fire.

It is understood that the victim, Mohd Azizi Aziz, 17, from Paroi near here, was shot in his hip and underwent surgery at the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital here.

Meanwhile, state police chief SAC I Datuk Osman Salleh said preliminary investigations showed that the policeman, who was on patrol duty with a colleague, did not follow the standard operating procedure on discharging firearms.

He is suspended as he violated the Inspector-General Of Police's Standard Orders on when a policeman is allowed to open fire.

It is learnt that Mohd Azizi was hanging out near the Centre Point shopping complex with friends, when they noticed a patrol car approaching.

As the car got nearer, they fled in different directions.

Upon seeing this, the two cops in the car gave chase, repeatedly warning Mohd Azizi, who was astride a Honda EX5, to stop. However, he allegedly ignored their orders and rode towards Jalan Jelebu some 2km away.

SAC I Osman said Mohd Azizi was allegedly riding in a zig-zag manner, apparently taunting the cops to get him if they could.

"When the victim failed to stop after repeated warnings, one of the cops fired a shot," he said.

He said Mohd Azizi, who helps out at a night market here, stopped his bike upon reaching Kg Ujung Pasir about 1km away and tried to flee. However, he was apprehended.

"It was only then that the cops knew Mohd Azizi was hit," he said.

The victim did not have a valid riding licence, he added.

SAC I Osman said based on preliminary investigations, the policeman did not intend to shoot the victim.

"He took out his pistol from the left window and wanted to fire a warning shot but it hit the victim. We will, however, have to verify this and the victim is now recuperating and his condition is stable," he said.

Sad parents: Aziz and Juhaida Che Hasan trying to wake their son Mohd Azizi after his surgery at the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital in Seremban Saturday while Negri Sembilan exco Datuk Ismail Lasim look on. - Bernama

ACP Osman said the cop should not have opened fire because there was no imminent danger to their lives.

The victim's father, Aziz Omar, said he had lodged a report over the incident and appointed a lawyer to initiate legal action against both the policeman allegedly responsible and the force.

Metzelder says: This is the second case of police open fire arms in questionable situation which does not endanger their lives.