Show-cause for Star

I would highlight this issue regarding show-cause letter by Home Ministry. It is The Star over the article “Persuasion, not compulsion”, that was published on Feb 19.

The commentary, written by managing editor P. Gunasegaram in his column Question Time, was on the caning of three Muslim women for illicit sex.

Several groups have since lodged police reports against him and the newspaper.

Since then, the column is replaced by other, with removal in The Star Online.

Question Time

Another columnist suffered the blow when her article was rejected by the daily for fear KDN permit revoked. She is Marina Mahathir and the full article is on her blog.


IT is simple to answer the reasons, I read the article before as the content which opinioned that the punishment is politically motivated to show the Muslims that they have great concern on religious matters.

For that, I think P.Guna will continue to fight for readers and I supported you. Home Ministry is abusing their power, a liar ministry.