Burst of flavours

Jade Delights with Coconut Silk

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APPLE-flavoured, lemon-flavoured, tiramisu, cream cheese: Believe it or not, these are different flavours of mooncakes.

And they are back! Wherever you turn in supermarkets and shopping complexes over the next few weeks, you will not miss the areas set aside especially to display mooncakes.

And the varieties available are mind-boggling.

Snow Skin Chocolate Mint with Nut Pieces

So, what’s the best way to consume mooncakes?

It is a dessert, and as such it goes best with Chinese tea, but it can also be had with sugar-free coffee and tea.

“When eating mooncakes, take it with a sugarless beverage as it is already a very sweet confection. To enjoy the flavours, the drink must be tepid or bland.”