Min Kok Restaurant, Seremban

This massive restaurant located next to the main commercial center of Era Square, can host over 150 tables, and their website.

Restaurant Min Kok Sdn Bhd

A typical morning at Min Kok starts very early, the chefs and kitchen helpers come in at around 4am to start preparing the food as they want to have their dim sum fresh and not left overnight. Some 40-50 serving staffs come in at around 6 something, and usually, there are already customers waiting at the door.

Check out the scallop dim sum!

A variety of their offering. The steamed dim sum were fresh and tasted very good, the scallop dim sum, very luxurious and actually quite hard to find else where. The prawn dim sum, stuffed chili, and ribs were all rather delicious too.

Porridge, siew pau, egg tart, and fried carrot cake

Besides the steamed dim sum, they also offer fried snacks, porridge, fried carrot cake, chee cheong fun, egg tart, and Min Kok’s version of the famous Seremban siew pau. I have to say I was quite impressed with the quality of food there.

The yummy Seremban siew pau

As for price, the dim sum ranges from RM 2.00 (porridge) to RM 5.00 (the scallop), very reasonable especially if you factor in the fact that this place is fully air conditioned, and has plenty of staff to keep a good service level. Which explains why this place is always packed despite having over a hundred tables for the morning crowd.

Chef's Special - Chef's special dimsum are changed every 3 months.

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