Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pavilion KL's Chinese New Year decoration

2000 red and golden lanterns, nine giant longevity koi, 12 Chinese Zodiac characters set the Chinese New Year decoration to a prosperous, auspicious and lively atmosphere.

Yes. Pavilion KL did all above for their CNY decoration. The theme of this year is  Circles of Prosperity, with a giant coin at Centre Court.

#1 Rows of red lantern at Bukit Bintang entrance

#2 Green snake (ular) for you?

Each of the Chinese zodiac comes with fortune rating at bottom. For Goat, it doesn't seem to be good. *sad*

Besides, you will expect Count The Koi Blessings at Centre Court. A symbol of affluence and victory, the 9 Longevity Kois circling a giant golden coin bestows fortune and long life for everyone.

#3 Bridge of Prosperity
This impressive bridge is 10.6m long and 2.4m wide, by crossing the Bridge of Prosperity, your wallet will be thicker with bank notes. hahahah

#4 Golden lanterns 

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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