Durian, king of fruits

As we know durian season is back since mid-June and become a favourite of my fruit since it tasty.

Yes, I would like to share with readers about the varieties in Malaysia that are well known for uniqueness and quality.
Know your durians: The Tracka durian has a visible gap in the heart of the fruit.

The Raja Kunyit has rich yellow, thick creamy flesh.

D24 variant
D2 variant

  • D-varities: D13, D18, D20, D88, D96, D101
  • Tawa, Tembaga, Mas Johor, Mas Pahang, Kampung durian, Udang Merah, Raja Kunyit

The Tracka durian, for example, is recognisable by the visible gap in the heart of the fruit and its deep yellow coloured pulp, which has a sweet yet slightly bitter taste.

Then there are the sweet but small seeded varieties, like the Jiuji and D96; and for those who relish a luxurious mouthful, there is the Raja Kunyit and the Udang Merah, which has a slight tinge of red in its rich yellow pulp. Another rare but popular choice is the XO, named for its pale, bitter flesh.

  • Consuming durians with alcohol is also not advised.
If you have to choose your own fruit, remember that a durian should first be light. Look at the tip, if it is too dry means it is no longer fresh. A little dry is okay. And when you shake the fruit, you should hear a muted rattling. Lastly, give it a good sniff and if the aroma pleases you, then it’s a good durian.